"Whether we perform in the sports arena or business arena it's our heart and mind that ultimately cultivates the success that surrounds us, for that is where our Competitive Edge lies!"  

- Leif Becker






Leif Becker brings companies into the mindset of what Elite Athletes live each and every day!  Working with individuals to unleash their own competitive edge and take business to a whole new level!

Build Business growth through Leif's proven system to Ultimate success.



"If you don't have a true understanding in  the power of performance your missing the mark when it comes to achieving success."

-Leif Becker



Competitive Edge Coaching is all about taking your game to the next level! When you think like an Elite Athlete you create the opportunity to produce results that exceed expectations! To find out more about all the benefits of C.E. Training click below!



"It's not just the physical actions taken that creates success; it's the emotional ambition that drives one to achieve."

- Leif Becker


Leif has had the opportunity  to step in front of companies across the country, being brought in to share his systems on what it takes to achieve at the highest level possible.  Transforming minds and sharing the possibilities that can take place when their Competitive Edge is unleashed.




"Competitive success is more than a mindset; it becomes a way of life."

Leif Becker


 Leif's passion is all about working with companies looking to build and maximize a competitive edge in their marketplace

through the proven systems elite athletes utilize each and every day!

Leif Becker is one of today's most recognized Martial Artists in the world. He has been featured internationally for his breaking ability and holds multiple world records including the most boards broken in one minute and most recently the World Record for the most boards broken in a single day. Over the last two decades Leif has continually set a higher bar for himself, achieved new goals and set his own personal records.


Leif’s passion for the martial arts and of board breaking fuels his intense desire for helping others reach new heights both professionally and personally by connecting with their competitive spirit making him one of the most sought out motivation speakers. His Breaking Barriers presentations and programs help people and organizations tune into the specific competitive edge mindset that is required for success.


Learn from the master of world records how you can develop and strengthen your own competitive edge skill sets to become an epic achiever. His revolutionary “Record Setter Success System” will lead you and your team to increased revenue, efficient productivity and leadership growth. You will continually be breaking records so becoming stagnant is never an option again.


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"Our Competitive Edge reveals itself the moment we realize our ambitions towards personal achievement are not found  in front of us but rather lives within us."

 - Leif Becker