Once the keynote is over, Leif's Competitive Edge Workshops are the perfect next step to continue an in depth exploration of the journey that lies ahead to unleashing abundant success!   


This intimate setting allows teams to dig deep into the mindset, strategies, habits and regiments of Elite Athletes around the world.  These specific systems are translated into the professional arena in order to achieve ultimate business success? 


Whether feeling stuck, stagnant or at a loss for what to do next Leif will catapult participants to breakthrough their specific challenges and give the solutions to produce high performers.


Leif will help create a productive team, excellent leaders and strong management by developing the vision, clarity, courage, commitment and determination to build a profitable business from the inside out through personal desires and strengths.

Leif's Competitive Edge Workshops are also entertaining and interactive while being customized for each group’s specific needs and desires to skyrocket productivity and increase profitability.


 ​These intimate workshops you will develop: 


  • Mindset skills utilized by Elite Athletes on a daily basis

  • Training regiments to maximize success

  • 7 must have daily tasks

  • The 5 daily habits that are a MUST for Competitive Edge Success

Each Competitive Edge Workshop can be customized to fit your audience. 

"Our Competitive Edge reveals itself the moment we realize our ambitions towards personal achievement are not found  in front of us but rather lives within us."

 - Leif Becker