Leif Becker is one of the most recognized Martial Artist in the world today!  His World Record Performances have been witnessed by thousands live and Millions globally through ABC, NBC, CBS and many other media outlets.  


His latest World Record Event, May 2017 took place in the heart of Times Square as Leif SMASHED over 12,000 boards in 24 hours and the world tuned in through ABC LIVE!  

Want to know secrets to Leif's success?  Embracing the Competitive Edge! Leif shares first hand the secrets and systems harnessed by Elite Athletes and translates how each component can be implemented into the world of business.


Leif Becker performing in Times Square

Leif Becker is one of the most sought out motivational speakers not only because of his dynamic and entertaining delivery  but because of his revolutionary system that brings about immediate changes and long-term results as individuals dive into the power they hold within. It is Leif’s goal for your organization to master this system to create more revenue, productivity and effective leaders by shifting thoughts within the mind and recognizing the indomitable spirit that will ignite more confident action.


Although Leif is recognized as an elite athlete and 

multiple world record holder in the martial arts he is all about business!

Companies and organizations who are truly committed to bringing out the best in their people hire “The Breakthrough Specialist” as a presenter at conferences, meetings and events all around the world. His amazing energy, passion and dynamic stage presence create a shared experience that is life-changing and delivers tangible and lasting results.


Leif speaks to corporate and public audiences on How to Build a Competitive Edge that includes the subjects of Leadership, Teamwork, Strategic Selling, Goals, Creativity and Developing a Success Mindset.


Leif is also the author of “Breaking Barriers: Your Guide to Personal Mastery” and tours the country using his revolutionary model titled "The Circle of Mastery" developed on his road to becoming “The Fastest Breaker in the World.”  His achievements weren’t produced by physical strength, but built on power and determination that most people don't even realize exist within them. 


Leif lives in Tennessee with his wife Allyson and daughter Shayler. He is active in the community and is the President and CEO of two companies.